xTag Wireless USB Microphone Guide

The RevoLabs xTag Wireless USB Microphone allows uses to do video conference, voice-over, or any other microphone functioning using a hands-free device.

Should you require the use of such a device, please create a media service request here and request the wireless USB microphone. The Tech Center currently only has one device and as thus checks it out on a first-come first-serve basis.

Installation Instructions
Usage Instructions
Other Information

Installation Instructions

Step 1: using the usb cable and docking station provided in the box and plug it into an open usb port on the computer you intend to use the device on. Make sure the wireless unit is plugged into the docking station so it can power on and sync.

Step 2: The computer will automatically search for drivers and give you a message once that is complete and it is ready to use. If for some reason it does not work automatically, unplug the docking station and try another port on the computer.

x tag step 1.PNG

Step 3: This should happen automatically, but you want to make sure that the Revolabs xTag is set as your current microphone in order for it to be used. You can check by navigation to Start>Control Panel>Sound. Once there select the Recording tab, then make sure there is a green check mark next to "Microphone / Revolabs xTag."

x tag step 3.PNG

If the green check mark does not appear next to the device, select it then click the "Set Default" button then press "ok"

Once this has been done, the microphone will be all set and ready to use in whatever program you need it in!

Usage Instructions

Step 1: Remove the Microphone from the Charger Base. The double-flashing RED LED on the Microphone and Charger Base will confirm that the mic is paired and muted.
xtag usage 1.jpg

Step 2: Attach the Microphone to clothing or a lanyard close to the mouth within 6 - 12 inches.

Step 3: When the microphone is in the wearing position, un-mute the microphone by pressing and releasing the Mute button (the light will blink green to confirm that you are un-muted). If the volume is too low, it is suggested that you move the microphone closer to your mouth or adjust the volume in whatever program you are using the microphone for.

xtag usage 2.jpg

Step 4: To turn the microphone off, simply return the Microphone unit to the Charger Base. The LED on the microphone will flash alternating between green and red for 5 seconds It will then sit in the Charger Base and Charge.

Other Information


When the Microphone begins to glash between YELLOW and RED or YELLOW and GREEN, the battery needs charging. To charge the microphone simply return it to the Charge Base plugged into the a computer via the provided USB cable.

A fully charged battery will provide approximately 8 hours of talk time. A full charge will take approximately 2 hours; however, a quick charge will put the device at 80% capacity in 45 minutes.

Broadcast Distance

The current range that the Microphone and Charge Base station can communicate at is 60 ft. The two devices are already paired and should need no attention from the user.

Should you exceed the broadcast distance the Microphone will beep every 30 seconds to remind you to return the microphone back to the base station.

If you have questions or would like to schedule an AV walk-through on how to use the device, please email support@cu-portland.edu

Created by Steven Quirk on September 18th, 2013