Smart Board with Touch Screen Capabilities

GRW 201, 203, 301, 311, 312, 313, 318

This is what a typical Smart Set-up would look like in these particular classrooms with a projector, screen and Smart Board controls. These classrooms have the touch screen control features and capabilities.




Each classroom comes equipped with the following hardware:


Document Camera:

Smart Cart:


Each Smart Cart contains following hardware: A Dell Optiplex 780 Computer, a VCR, and DVD.


The image below demonstrates how the Interface to the Smart Classroom and how devices are connected. In addition, it shows the different buttons that you can select for an individual device. The black cable show in theimage is the connection for the PC while blue cable is the Ethernet cable while allows a wired connection to the Internet.





Below in the image you will a magnified view of the Interface which includes a description of the following:

Display: This will turn on the projector so the computer will project the content on the computer to the screen.

Volume: Control the sound out-put

Pic-Mute: Hides the screen


The Menu Button located on the right allows you to choose your input source (DVD/VCR, PC, Laptop, Doc Cam.)

On the far right you have the ability to connect periphials. There is a laptop connection (upper right) an audio input (upper left), power outlet (lower right), and a ethernet por connection (lower left)

For instructions on how to use the Smart Classroom Notebook 10 Software Version 10.7 for Windows  training tutorial on the Concordia University’s Knowledge Base or on the link below for free educational training guides and resources from the Smart Tech website.                                                                                                 



White Board Interactivity Training: