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Adding Documents Using Xtender

In this article we will learn how to add a document to Banner using Xtender. Follow the steps below.

Step One: Create/Locate the document you are going to upload. Save the document to your computer.

Step Two: Navigate to the Banner form that the document should be associated with, find the record that needs to be updated with the document, click on the BDMS – Add Document Button. In the example below, a student's Admissions Application (SAAADMS) is being updated.

Your internet browser will open to a page where you can insert the file path or browse to the file that you want uploaded. Select ‘Browse’ and find the document you have saved on your computer. Select ‘Open’. After you have located the document, click ‘Upload’.

Step Three: Click on the batch list button, this will show all the files that have been imported but not batched. Navigate to the file you want to batch and click on the folder icon. Please note, the file is saved to an application in Xtender. In the example the file is saved to B-S-ADMN. Only users with permissions to the application will be able to view the file.


Step Four: Verify that the auto-populated information is correct. Select a document type from the the drop down list. If the document is part of the admissions requirement checklist then select the appropriate option from ADMISSIONS REQUIREMENT drop down. Fill in any other needed information per your department policies. After you have saved your work you can choose from several options to begin your next task.

Updated by Steven Quirk 10/2/13