Introducing PaperCut Print Management

If you print or make copies this information applies to you.

In January 2013, Concordia will be implementing a new integrated accounting system for copying and printing in Portland and Boise. The system is based on a very popular and widely used accounting software in higher education known as PaperCut.

Basics of Printing with PaperCut

Web Printing with PaperCut

Adding Printers on a Mac

Print Balance Refunds

Printing to Find-Me Printers

Adding additional money to your account

Copying and Scanning on Multi-Function Printers

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Why are we making this change?

  • Consolidation - Presently are working with two separate accounting systems. One system tracks printing in detail, the other tracks copies by click without detail.
  • Accounting Detail – The new system will provide users and department managers with detailed accounting information for both copying and printing on a single invoice.
  • Automation – The new integrated accounting eliminates many manual processes presently required.
  • Cost control – The PaperCut client provides greater visibility to supervisors and end users on the cost of printing and provides information and tools to help users reduce the costs of their print jobs.
  • Flexibility – The system will support greater accounting detail beyond the top level departmental accounting to assign costs to programs and projects more efficiently.
  • Auditing – The system will allow IT significantly greater insight into the operating costs of each device. This will allow us to offer better cost-per-page printing rates on the most efficient devices.
  • Students – The PaperCut system has a significantly improved system for providing students both their semester printing allowance and access to pay-to-print and pay-to-copy services.
  • New features – Some new features offered by the system will allow us in the future to implement tools to make walk-up copying faster and easier, allow greater access for printing from mobile devices and a few additional features we will reveal at a later date pending additional testing.

How does this affect you?

  • Printing Client software - When printing from university owned computers, an additional client application will be available that will present you with information about your print history, printing tools to assigning costs per job, finding the least-cost printing option and modifying job parameters on the fly to reduce the cost of a job (such as switching from color to B/W or single sided to duplexing).
  • Printer names & Servers – The new system will be deployed on new server software intended to provide high-availability and performance. The print server names will change and many printer names will change. Most printers will have a name that reflects their location. Information on connecting to the new servers will be made available at an appropriate point in the deployment.
  • Copiers – Additional software will be installed on the copiers to allow account assignment and management at the copier itself. The existing copy codes are expected to change or possibly be eliminated through the use of a new feature presently being tested by IT. Copy costs will be assigned to people, departments or accounting codes rather than solely to individual copy codes in most cases.
  • Timing – During November the initial setup of new servers and hardware will be underway. We expect to start bringing the new system online in parallel to our old system around Thanksgiving and to start rolling out the new print/copy account features during December. Our deployment deadline primarily revolves around having the new system in place for Students by the start of the spring semester. Some department deployments may be delayed as needed to ensure we do not affect our service to students.

We are very excited at the possibilities of this new system! We expect there will some issues during deployment given the large scale and aggressive time line, so I thank you in advance for your patience with our team. We will make our best effort to avoid interruptions in service while transitioning systems.

If you have any immediate questions or concerns, please email them to

Reviewed by Chad Smith 8/6/13