The Technology Service Center has two iMacs open for student use in our Hagen 206 office. These computers were purchased with specific media editing capabilities and software, and thus are reserved for this purpose. Use of these machines is first come, first served and can be used any time during Tech Center open hours.

The iMac is required for the following:
  1. Editing video footage
  2. Convert the video to a different file type
  3. Burn a playable DVD


Tech Center employees are not authorized to perform the conversion or editing functions for students. Assistance will be provided for video transfer - moving media from one location (such as a video camera) to another (a network drive, CD, etc) if requested.


For help editing video footage in iMovie, we refer you to these resources:

For help editing footage using Windows Movie Maker, we recommend these sites:


If you have additional questions, or would like to schedule a time to use the iMacs, contact the Technology Service Center via email at support@cu-portland.edu

Updated by Steven Quirk 11/21/2013