Your network H: drive is a logical drive mapping to a physical location on the network where files are stored and secured to your user login. Below is information on how and why to use this space.


Data on your network user space (or H: drive) is stored on a protected server with an active virus scanner and is physically stored on a redundant drive array with permissions set only to you. This makes your H Drive a safe, reliable and accessible place to store your important data. You can access it from any computer you log into on the network or remotely via VPN. This entire server drive array is also backed up to tape every night in case of a disaster that destroys or damages the server.


Although we encourage users to use their H Drives to back up information from their university issued laptops and desktops, the network server that houses the H Drive is limited in its ability to store every bit of data from every user on the network. For this reason, we do ask that data backups on the H Drive be limited to the data that is essential and critical to your ability to perform your work adequately. In other words, the H Drive is not an acceptable place to store pictures, video, or music that is unrelated to the university. When the H Drive begins to reach the upper limits of its storage capacity, it becomes increasingly difficult for users to access their information on it, and also hampers its ability to perform routine backups. Please don't jeopardize the secure storage of the rest of the CU community with your collection of Michael Buble albums.


You might find that information you are storing on your H Drive might be better suited for storage elsewhere on the network. These options include the I Drive for inter-departmental documents, as well as the J Drive, which is a great place to store information for short term general collaboration. If you think you might have information that would be better suited to the I drive, you can request access by emailing support@cu-portland.edu with the names of the folders you would like to use and approval from your supervisor/department head. Other storage options - for personal documents, or older documents that you would like to archive - including external hard drives and cloud storage through Apple, Amazon, Windows Live, etc. are all potential solutions.

How to Access Off Campus

For instructions on how to access your H Drive while off campus, review the article here.


If you would like to request a H Drive, or have any questions, please contact ITS by emailing at support@cu-portland.edu.

Updated by Steven Quirk 10/10/13