Certain employees at Concordia University may have access to their desk extension from their work laptop. This program is called Cisco IP Communicator and will have come with your computer. A majority of the configuration is done by the Network Techs at the time of hire once an extension has been assigned and a need for the IP Communicator has been assessed. Please not that this is not done automatically and must be requested. If you do not have access to this program, please email support@cu-portland.edu to arrange for a time for that to be configured.


Once you have the Cisco IP Communicator installed, follow the steps below to find learn how to connect and configure while off campus. (Though this article will refer to connecting off-campus, the IP communicator can be used on campus in lieu of the physical phone. Simply skip the step about connecting to VPN).

1. In order for the IP Communicator to function you must be either on campus or connecting via VPN. For more information on how to connect via VPN, click here.

2. Once you have been connected for 60 seconds or more, connect your USB headset (any headset with a built in microphone will work), then launch the IP Communicator application.
ip communicator 1.PNG

3. The program will now proceed to the Audio Tuning Wizard. While it is not required your do this every time your launch the program, it is highly suggested that you run this if you are experiencing any issues.
ip communicator 2.PNG

4. You will have an option to select the outputs for the volume, ringer, and microphone. The text that appears will differ based on what headset you're using, please select the option that fits closet to the example. It is suggested that you use the headset for all the options.
ip communicator 3.PNG

5. Follow the on screen instructions to adjust your speaker and microphone volumes.
ip communicator 4.PNG
ip communicator 5.PNG

6. Once that is complete your phone will be ready to use in the same manner as you would at your desk! You will have access to your voicemail, corporate directory, as well as making and receiving phone calls.
ip communicator 6.PNG

Using the IP Communicator

The IP Communicator functions in the same way as a normal desk phone. To learn about their use, please review the articles here.


Most issues with the IP Communicator may be caused by slow internet or other network issues. If having any issues it is suggested that you run the Audio Tuning Wizard again by right clicking on the virtual phone and selecting "Audio Tuning Wizard."

If that still does not resolve the issues, please contact the Tech Center at support@cu-portland.edu.

Video Tutorial

Prefer a more guided tutorial? View the video below to learn how to connect to VPN and IP Communicator.

Created by Steven Quirk 11/26/13