About the Corporate Directory

If you ever need to call someone with a CU Cisco phone but don't know their direct extension you can use the Corporate Directory built into your phone to find their number.

The primary advantage to using the Corporate Directory is accuracy; phones and extensions are updated frequently, and because part of the setup process for new employees involves assigning them a phone , you can almost always guarantee that extensions of new faculty and staff members will appear in the Directory well before the changes matriculate down to the I Drive list. This also reduces the risk of mis-dials and reduces traffic through the Information Desk, clearing them to handle calls from people outside our network.

To open the Directory on your phone, look for the Directories icon. It will appear as an open book.

You have several directories at your disposal. Use them to search through your sent and received calls, look up missed calls, and also search for numbers in your personal and corporate directory listings.

Use your circular navigation buttons to toggle down to Corporate Directory, then hit Select. You can also use your number keypad to select an item from the list (in this case, number 5).

This will open a search menu through which you can enter any part of the first name, last name, or extension that you know. Use your number keypad to toggle through the various letters and numbers.

When you're finished entering your variables, click Search. The Directory will return any numbers or names that match your search. If you have more than one return, use your navigation buttons to select the number you want.

If you wish to dial out to a number you've found, simply hit the Dial button, and you will initiate a call to that number.


To request changes or report any issues with the Directory (such as a misspelled name) please contact ITS at support@cu-portland.edu.

Updated by Steven Quirk 10/22/13