You're probably already familiar with using the Support ticket system to communicate with the Tech Service Centers. Did you know you can also talk to our Support Technicians about your existing tickets in real-time by using ZenDesk's chat service? ZenDesk is the software that manages and hosts Concordia's ticket system. When you email Support, a ZenDesk ticket is automatically generated, creating a unique instance through which you communicate with the Tech Center.

Creating your account
Opening a Chat session
Viewing your Chat transcript

Your ZenDesk Account

Using the actual chat features is very simple, but it does require you to have a ZenDesk login. Fortunately, if you've ever sent an email to Support before, ZenDesk will remember your address; at that point all you have to do is request a password.

To start, go to

This is the ZenDesk login page. You'll have three different options:
  • If you've logged into ZenDesk before, simply enter your email address and password as usual.
  • If you've never created a ticket or emailed support before, click the link to 'Sign up to submit and track your requests online'
OR - as we expect most Concordia users to be -
  • If you've emailed Support but never logged onto ZenDesk's online interface before, click the GET A PASSWORD link at the bottom of the page.

If you're not sure which option to pick, don't worry! ZenDesk will tell you if they do or do not recognize your email address, and will redirect you to where you need to go.

Opening a chat session

Once you're logged in, open the 'Check your existing requests' tab, and choose the ticket you want to chat about. Above the Comments box is a link that says LIVE CHAT ABOUT THIS REQUEST. Click that link to initiate a chat session.


A new window will open; this will be your chat window. First, ZenDesk will search for available agents/Support techs.


When an agent accepts your chat request, your chat window will say that they have 'joined the room' and are ready to chat with you.


From there, your chat session will proceed the same as any Instant Message client, with you and the agent exchanging information about your ticket in real-time.


When you're done chatting, simply click the 'End chat session' link. You'll see a summary of your discussion, as well as a link back your ticket's instance in ZenDesk. You can choose to open your ticket and review it in it's entirety, or you can close the chat completely.


Reviewing chat transcripts

ZenDesk automatically archives chat transcripts within the body of your tickets, so you never have to worry about forgetting what was discussed during one of your chat sessions. To view these transcripts, simply log in to ZenDesk and open your chosen ticket.

You'll see a full account (with time stamps) as a new update in your ticket. You will also receive a new email notification from ZenDesk whenever chat comments are loaded into one of your tickets.

Reviewed by Chad Smith 8/6/13