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Using MyProfile to Recover Account Information

If you have forgotten any part of your log in information for any of the Concordia network resources, or you are looking that information up for the first time, you can retrieve your login information through the MyProfile Account Center. You can use the steps in this article to reset your password.

Accessing MyProfile

1. Navigate to MyProfile. If you know what your network account username and password are, you can use them to log in here. Once you are logged in, you can view your username, G number, and your MyCU PIN.
screenshot of the MyProfile login screen

Resetting Password
2. If you don't know the full login for either your network username or myCU, choose one of the self-service password reset options under "Need Help?": Retrieve Username/Password or Retrieve MyCUID/PIN.
screenshot of the self service options

3. Once you've chosen, you'll be sent to the MyProfile Authentication Page. Choose any one of the three options available: your email address, network username or MyCU ID.
NOTE: email addresses must be entered in lowercase characters only
authentication_page step 4.png
screenshot of the password reset screen

4. Once you've chosen one of your recovery options, you'll be directed to a page where you can choose to authenticate either by sending to your email address on file or by answering security questions.

Email Authentication

If you choose the "Email Authentication" option in step 4, you will see this page:
screenshot of the authorization code confirmation page

4. Within 5 minutes you will receive an email from myprofile@cu-portland.edu. To complete the authentication process, simply click the link in text or copy and paste the 64 character Authentication Code from the email into the box on the previous authentication page.
authentication_page step 6.PNG
Screenshot of the password recovery email

Answer Security Questions

If you choose not to have an email sent, or that option does not work for you, you can also provide answers to security questions based on your personal information in the registrar's database.

5b. At the MyProfile Authentication Page, select the Provide Answers button.
screenshot of selecting the security answer option

6. Fill in the information request, then click Start. If you receive an error about the answers provided not matching what's on record, ITS is unable to confirm what information you have on record. If you are unsuccessful, there may be an issue with what the Registrar has on file, please contact them if that is the case.
screenshot of security questions

Viewing/Changing Information

Once you have either logged in or used the recovery methods to access the MyProfile Control Panel, you will be able to view your username, and student ID number, reset your network password, and reveal your myCU PIN.

From the Control Panel you can also designate recovery email addresses, email the Technology Service Center at support@cu-portland.edu, or navigate quickly to Blackboard, MyCU, and the Intranet using the quick links in the upper corner.


If you are having issues with MyProfile, you can contact the Tech Center via email at support@cu-portland.edu or phone at (503) 493-6300