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Using Distribution Lists

Distribution Lists are a feature of Outlook that allows users to modify and control what messages are sent to what users. Concordia's Global Address List on our Exchange server has some pre-set distribution lists that you may use on occasion, if you have permission, to pinpoint the appropriate audience for your message. This is important when adhering to Concordia's policy with using the ALL message as it allows for your messages to specifically target those to which the content may apply.

In this article we will learn how to set up and modify an existing distribution list as well as use any preset lists. If you would like request a new distribution list, or would like access to send from an existing one, please submit a request to ITS by emailing support@cu-portland.edu.

Setting Up the Distribution List

1. In Outlook, create a new e-mail.

2. Click on the Address Book icon at the top of the new message.
distro list 1.png

3. Once the Address Book opens, type in the name of the list you would like to modify into the search box and click "go".
distro list 2.png

4. Right click on the name of the list and select Properties.
distro list 3.png

5. Select Modify Members to view who has access to use the list, then click Add to begin selecting additional users.

6. In the Add Users dialog box, type in the first and last name of a person you would like to add to the distribution list.

7. When you see the person's name appear on the list of results, click on their name to highlight it, then click the Add -> button to add them to the list.
distro list 5.PNG

8. Repeat step 7 until all users appear to the right of the Add-> button

9. Once all people are added, click OK.

10. Click OK on the Contact Group Membership and "Name of Distribution List" dialogue boxes to save the changes.

This completes the setup of the distribution list. You should be able to add and remove people through the Contact Group Membership dialog box as needed in the future.

Using the Distribution List

1. When you need to send a message to a distribution list, create a new message

2. Type the name of the list in the "To..." field, then click on Check Names
distro list 4.png

3. You will see the "To" field change to:
distro list 6.png

4. Compose your message and send it

Messages sent via this method will automatically be distributed to all members that have been previously added. Any replies to the message using the "reply all" feature will also be distributed to the full list.


Having problem with these steps? Or have other questions? Please create a support ticket by emailing support@cu-portland.edu and our staff will do our best to assist you with the steps or escalate you as needed if permissions are needed.

Updated by Steven Quirk 3/6/14