Luther 313 is a pilot program for a new piece of classroom AV technology, the Crestron AirMedia. It allows users to connect to the projector from any laptop wireless by simply downloading and running a program. It essentially mirrors your display so you are free to lecture from anywhere in the room!

Since this is a test program, please be advised that there may be bugs to work out. If you have any feedback on the space, please contact


Follow the steps below to connect

1. First power on the projector using the remote provided. The remote looks like this:
external image IMG_20140331_101303.jpg

2. Once the projector has turned on, you will see a screen giving you instructions on how to connect.
external image IMG_20140331_101432.jpg

3. Navigate to the web address it shows on the screen. In this example, http://AirMedia-L313

4. Next, download the client depending on the operating system you're using.
airmedia 1.PNG

5. Locate the downloaded file and launch it. The file will be appear similar to "AirMedia-L313_10.24.9.50.exe"

6. It will then ask you for a code. It is displayed on the projector. Enter that code and click "connect"
airmedia 2.PNG
Please note: this code changes frequently, so you must be present in the room to verify and connect.

7. You are now connected! When you are done, exit the program and you will disconnect.


Since this is a pilot program, we cannot guarantee your device will work. If you are having a problem you can contact the Tech Center at and they can provide "best effort" troubleshooting.