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Updating Your Contact Information

In order to remain up to date with either your course work and other important information, you should keep your contact information up- to-date.This can be updated via MyCU. Follow the steps below to find out how to update that information:

1. Sign into MyCU.

2. Use your G Number and PIN to gain access. You can retrieve that information by following the steps here if needed.

3. Once signed in, select Personal Information.
contact info 1 revised.png

4. From here you have many options to view your current information. We are going to select Update E-mail Addresses.
contact info 2.png
5.To update your information, click the email address under the category you would like to update. Please Note: the email address with the word preferred next to it is where email notification will be sent to. Please make sure this email is up to date and is one you actively monitor.
contact info 3 revised.jpg

6. You will be given an option to write in your new email address and check to make an address "preferred" if you would like.
contact info 5.JPG
7. After that, click submit and you are done!