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University Laptop Use Policy

This policy applies to all university owned laptops issued to faculty and staff of Concordia University.

Laptops are issued to university employees as a means to best facilitate their work product. University owned laptops are to be used only by the employees of the institution or authorized users. They are not a replacement for a home or personal computer.

These systems may be used for incidental personal use, but are not to be used by family, friends or other unauthorized parties.

University-issued laptops may not be used for any illegal activity, including but not limited to the downloading and/or installation of illegal software or media. You may not intentionally modify access rights or security permissions on the laptop to circumvent the protection of the university hardware or software. This includes removing or disabling the anti-virus/anti-malware package installed on all university systems.

To protect sensitive university information, all files that contain any personal, confidential or sensitive information should be stored on university network servers and be accessed remotely via secure VPN or VDI whenever possible, rather than being stored locally on a laptop hardware. This is to prevent loss of control or breach of security or confidentiality should the laptop be lost or stolen. For users needing to carry sensitive information on their laptops, the use of local encryption technology on the laptop or device is required.

This policy is effective 11/1/2009