About the J Drive

The All Users network share (J: drive) is for temporary storage of documents that need to be shared between students or between faculty/staff and students. All network users have access the J: drive automatically. Items stored on the J: drive should be removed as soon as possible after they are no longer needed. Items that will be used for an extended period should be secured through the use of security permissions to avoid the files from being accessed, modified, or deleted by unauthorized parties.


User may not remove the Full Control permission for the Domain Admins group. Although some users may restrict permissions on their data, it is prohibited to access, modify or delete data that is not yours or you have not been given permission to do so. At the end of each semester, the J: contents will be moved to the Y: drive and the J: drive will be cleared for the new semester.

The J: drive will be READ ONLY accessible for 30 days. Any data that will be used in the following semester needs to be moved during that 30 day period, or it will be deleted. NO file recovery services will be provided for data not moved during that 30 day period.

Updated by Steven Quirk 10/10/13