The Technology Service Center offers a series of training courses to help Faculty, Staff, Students and Stakeholders make more
effective use of our available technologies. Below is a course catalog of the courses presently offered.

Classroom Technology Tutorials

This video series covers the basic technology offered in Technology Equipped Classrooms including; using the electronic door locks, overview of the classroom podium, using the switched for projector control and source selection, setting up and turning on the Document Camera.

Interactive Whiteboard Tutorials

This series introduces the basics of using the SMART brand Interactive Whiteboard found in many Technology Equipped classrooms on the Portland campus. Topics include; basic overview of the SMART Interactive Whiteboard, brief introduction to Ink-Aware Applications, brief introduction to the SMART Notebook software, brief introduction to Non-Ink-Aware applications.

Interactive Pen Displays

Adobe Acrobat Pro

Module One: Adobe Acrobat Basics
Adobe Acrobat Basics, covers what PDF documents are, and why they are useful in an instructional setting; how to open and save PDF documents; how to convert files from Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel into PDF; how to convert image files into PDF; and how to import and save webpages to Adobe Acrobat.
Module Two: Digital Text Markup
This video series covers how to use Adobe Acrobat to mark up and annotate documents digitally. Specifically, it will explore how to make Comments and using Text Annotation tools in Adobe Acrobat, including how to make changes visible in Adobe Reader, and how to convert non-editable documents using Optical Character Recognition.
Module Three: Advanced Adobe Operations
Polish your Acrobat skills even further by exploring advanced operations like learning how to use fillable forms, adjust your document's security settings, address known printing issues and more.

Microsoft Word

Current training for items in Microsoft Word are limited as it is a program that most users are familiar with. Below are a list of items that many users may not know about that could benefit them in an academic environment.
Track Changes in Word
Learn how to track changes that are made in a word document. This is helpful when multiple users are review and editing the same document.

Video Conferencing

Different circumstances may require different video conferencing capabilities. List below are the supported resources that can be used for video conferencing at Concordia University: