Implemented in Fall 2006, the Student Technology Fee was introduced to specifically address funding for the growing demands for technology at Concordia University - Portland. The fee is intended to provide funding for critical university assets and services necessary for providing leading edge technology to students. In addition, funds will be used to provide select educational resources directly to students.

Funding & Oversight
The Technology Fee is not a 'use' fee and is not assessed based on any specific student types or program enrollment. Therefore there are no waivers or exceptions for the fee. The Technology fee does however take into consideration Full-Time vs. Part-Time student enrollment and is tiered as such when charged to student accounts.

Oversight of the Technology Fee is the responsibility of the CIO of Concordia University. The Director of ITS Infrastructure manages the fund annually and provides advocacy for new technology for students. If you have questions regarding the Technology Fee or have a suggestion on new or improved technology that is valuable to you as a student, please direct them to the attention of the Director of ITS Infrastructure at support@cu-portland.edu.

The following is a partial list of some of the technology and services made possible in part or in whole by technology fee funding:
  • Blackboard Course Delivery & Content Systems
  • Technology Service Center Extended Support Hours, Online/Remote Support & Student Owned Computer repair assistance Services
  • Microsoft Software for Students
  • Online Learning and support Tools (Adobe Connect, VoiceThread, Bomgar, etc...)
  • Hagen Student Computing Center
  • GRW311 Computer Teaching Lab
  • East Hall 24 Hour Residential Computer Lounge
  • Campus Wireless Infrastructure
  • Residential Internet Service
  • GRW Library and Learning Center student laptops
  • Student Media Equipment (Laptops, Projectors, Cameras, etc...)

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