As of Fall 2002, the Provost and CFO of Concordia University have elected to provide the equivalent of up to 1000 Black & White prints to each student per semester to help accommodate academic printing needs. This allocation was deemed sufficient to provide reasonable printing access and prevent the abuse of printing resources provided to students. This funding is granted from the university general fund and is in no way associated with the Student Technology Fee. This allocation does not carry over from one semester to the next.

Student are permitted to purchase additional printing credit at their discretion to meet their specific printing needs.

Policy Update

As of Summer 2014, the Black & White printing rate remains the same at 1000 units.

The 1000 page allowance is subject to change at the discretion of the Provost and CFO. Changes will be communicated on this page.

If you wish to print beyond the allowed quota allocated each semester, you may add money to a printing 'cash balance' through the pay stations provided in Hagen Center and the GRW Library. Your cash balance will not be utilized until your allowed quota for the semester has been exhausted. Cash balances will carry over from one semester to the next so long as your network account status remains active*.

Tips To Reduce Excess Printing

  • Do not print E-mails
  • Use copy/paste for sections of text needed for reference in a research paper or E-mail, rather than printing several pages of a web site or article. This also saves time and errors when re-typing the information!
  • Proof read papers before printing and use peers to review/proof papers before printing
  • Submit papers to peers and to professors electronically rather than in print. Ask your professor if they will accept electronic submissions rather than print.
  • Please think green and try to conserve on your printing when it isn't necessary!


If you print a large number of pages by accident, on an error occurs that causes an excessive number of pages to print, contact the Technology Service Center at

*Alumni and other non-student accounts or enrolled students who leave for one or more semester without first being enrolled for a future semester will lose their active status on their network account and also lose their printing account and any remaining cash balance on that account. Cash balances may not be refunded.