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Below is a listing of commonly asked questions in regards to technology at Concordia. Click a link below to learn more.

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How to print to campus network printers from a personal computer

How to get on the wireless networks?
For information on how to access the campus wireless networks and retrieve the SSIDs and passcodes, click HERE.

How to print to campus network printers from a personal computer?
Instructions for: PC or MAC

How and Where to get an ID card?
ID cards can be acquired at the Tech Center in Hagen 206 during regular Tech Center hours. You will need either your student ID number or a photo ID with you in order to have an ID card printed.

ID cards provide multiple functions: they are keys for any of the virtually controlled doors on campus (dorms, gym, FAB, classrooms), act as proof of enrollment, are used as library cards for students, faculty and staff, and can have money (spare cash or meal plans) encoded on them as well. For more detailed information, please visit our page on ID Cards.

For students, your first ID badge is free; however, the excessive replacements may result in a charge of $10 per card and will be billed to your student account.

How to get access on an ID to a dorm?
Dorm access for ID cards can only be granted from Student Services. However, the Tech Center can enable any other access points on your card. If you are a student worker for a department that requires card access to anything beyond the usual student access points, have your supervisor send an email to detailing which rooms you need.

Where are the computer labs located on campus? What are the hours for each lab?
Information on the location and hours of the campus computer labs can be found here:

How do I check out Laptops from the Library?
Any student can “check out” a laptop for use in the library. Simply visit the Circulation desk with a valid student ID card and request a laptop. For detailed information on the library’s laptop checkout policies, they can be reached at 503-280-8507. Library laptops are for in house use only, and can not be removed from the premises.

How to get a free copy of Windows 7 or Microsoft Office?
Any active student can order a free copy of Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit) as well as the full Microsoft Office Suite for PCs and Mac. This software is funded through the Student Technology Fee, and because of this, software ordered through Concordia is licensed and, once distributed, owned by the student.

To order copies of Windows 7 or Office, a student must have an active Network Account. Full details on Concordia's License program and how to order software can be found here.

How to get Sophos anti-virus installed on my computer
Sophos Home Antivirus is Concordia's recommended solution for faculty, staff, and student Windows and Mac personal computers. Instructions on how to download, install and configure Sophos Home can be found HERE.

How to get Windows Updates
For instructions on how to check for and install Windows Updates on your computer, visit the Microsoft Support Page.

How to submit a Tech Center ticket online to get technical assistance?
Have a question and need to contact the Tech Center? Submit a work ticket by emailing, or create a personal profile on our support website: to submit and track your requests online.

Student Printing Quota explained
Each semester all students are allotted $80 worth printing credits. $0.07 = 1 black & white page, while $0.14 = 1 color page. This comes out to approximately 1000 B/W pages or 400 color pages per semester. Black and white documents that are printed from the color printer will be charged as a color page. If you run out of printing credits throughout the course of the semester, see a representative at the Tech Center to have more loaded to your account.

What is my.CU, and how do I login?
The my.CU site is a web site which is an interface to Banner. My.CU has different purposes for different types of users. For students, the My.CU site will primarily be used for reviewing billing account information, class schedules, and registering for courses. It is accessible through a link on the Intranet home page, and will be linked from other places in the future.
Students, faculty and staff all login to my.CU at with their Concordia ID number and PIN.

What is a PIN?
PIN is short for Personal Identification Number and is provided to new and existing students for use in accessing the My.CU Site. If a student needs their PIN, they can look it up online by visiting the My Profile page.

What is My Profile?
My Profile is the account information center for Concordia University Faculty, Staff and Students. It is the portal through which network accounts are created, and the repository for all account information. It can be used to retrieve lost or forgotten login information for network accounts and for myCU, and is where network account passwords are changed.

How do I reset my password?
You can reset your password at any time by visiting the My Profile account center, or, by logging onto any campus networked computer, hitting Crtl+Alt+Delete and choosing the “reset password” or “change a password” option.

Where is the Tech Center?
The Tech Center is located upstairs in Hagen Campus Center in room 206.

Can I checkout/rent a projector/video camera? Where can I do this?
Students, faculty and staff all have the ability to rent equipment from the Tech Center. To rent equipment, all must visit the Media Services reservation page ( and place an electronic request. For a full explanation of our policies and procedures, or to see what equipment is available, visit our Policies and Procedures page.

Updated by Steven Quirk 11/20/13

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