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Computer Repair Policy and Waiver

The Tech Center staff will do their best to resolve students’ technical problems in a professional and timely manner, as allowed by our schedule and other work obligations. Repairs or diagnostics performed by Tech Center staff members are done strictly at the user's specific direction on their own behalf. The Tech Center will only accept a limited number of student computers at a time, and does not assure that every request for technical support will be resolved.

The Tech Center is not liable for any damages or loss of data resulting from services provided. The Tech Center will only install legal, licensed software (we do not make hardware repairs of any kind). We reserve the right to not provide services if 1) the system does not meet minimum functional requirements, 2) if the request is unusual, extensive, or beyond the scope of assistance usually provided for students, or 3) you interact with Tech Center staff in an unreasonable or disruptive manner.

By leaving their computer at the Tech Center, the user understands that, prior to allowing the Tech Center to perform diagnostic repair or other services on their computer, it is their responsibility to backup any wanted data. They further acknowledge that if the Tech Center re-installs your computer's operating system, all files on your hard drive will be lost in the process. The Tech Center will not be held liable for lost data under any circumstance.

Tech Center staff will never share any information they many find on a student's computer/hard drive with a third party unless illegal content is detected or unless they are directed to do so by a law enforcement agency in a legal action.