Sodexo is happy to provide a food on demand application for use with any device. You may order online through a laptop or desktop or any mobile device (Android, iPhone, etc.). There is a specific app for iPhones and iPads you may download. Please follow the instructions below to find out how to get set up and use your device to order your food. If you are having issues with the application or have questions on the process please contact Sodexo. Concordia Tech Center Staff will not be able to assist you beyond step 1.

Step 1:Enable Your Self-Order Account

Before you can do anything else, please follow the steps here then proceed to Step 2a or 2b depending on if you want to order from your computer or mobile device or specifically on an iPhone.

1. Navigate to https://myprofile.cu-portland.edu/selforder and sign in using your Concordia Network Username and password.
selforder 1.PNG

If you are not sure what your Network User Name or Password is, follow the instructions here.

2. Click on "Create New Self Order Code" and enter a 4 digit code you would like to use later to order food. This is a code that you create so please write your code down since you will be using it later Please Note: codes created will not be active until 10 am on the next business day.
selforder 2.PNG
selforder 3.PNG

Step 2a: Ordering Food Online

Now that you've enabled your account, you can order your food online using your computer. Follow the steps below to find out how!
1. Goto: https://cuportland.sodexomyway.com/

2. Start by placing your order! You can place your order by selecting "Place Your Order."

3. Select a time to pick up your order.

4. Add the food you want to your order!

5. Sign in with an existing account. You can create an account from this screen if you don't have one already.

6. Review the contents of your order

7. Confirm the information in your account before proceeding with the order

8.Here you can enter your payment information. You can use your credit card or your meal plan / loyaty plan. To use your meal plan, select Gift Card and use the self-order code you created earlier. Example:
G number: G00012456 + Self Order Number: 1234 = Loyalty Number: 000124561234


Step 2b: Ordering on an iPhone

Now that you've enabled your account, you can order your food online using your iPhone Follow the steps below to find out how!

Downloading the App

Once you have set up your Self Order code and it has been activated by Sodexo staff, you can proceed with using the application to order food.

1. Visit the AppStore and download the Sodexo FoD application.

2. Launch the application and create an account if needed.

Ordering Food

3. Choose "FoD - Concordia University" as your location and proceed with ordering items from the menu. .

4. When you are ready to checkout and complete your order, choose "Loyalty" as your payment method then select "Pay with Loyalty Card" to access your meal plan. You can also pay with your credit card if you would like.

Loyalty Card/ aka Meal Plan

If using your meal plan or balance and select the "Loyalty" payment method, will be prompted to enter your "Loyalty Card Number." This is your G number (minus the G) with the 4 number self-order code you created in the beginning.
For example:
G number: G00012456 + Self Order Number: 1234 = Loyalty Number: 000124561234

7. Enter your payment information, then press OK. The system will save your payment method for future orders!

8. Your food will be ordered and will be in the cafeteria once its ready!


If you have questions regarding the application please contact Sodexo