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Migrating from SmartDraw to Visio

As of 8/31/2016, Concordia University's license of SmartDraw will expire. Starting 7/1/2016, Visio 2016 will be available in its place. For more information on how to get Visio, please review the Visio 2016 Article. Unfortunately, SmartDraw files are not immediately compatible with Visio. In order to access your existing files in Visio, you must use the following steps to convert your file:

1. Open your file in SmartDraw

2. Select File > Export
2016-07-05 11_22_50-Test Flow.sdr - SmartDraw.png

3. Select Enhanced Metafile
2016-07-05 11_23_51-Test Flow.sdr - SmartDraw.png

4. Save your file.

5. Now open up Visio and start a new document.

6. Select File > Open

7. Navigate to the folder where you saved your enhanced metafile in step 4.

8. Change "All Visio Files" to "Enhanced Metafile" and select your drawing.
2016-07-05 11_30_09-Drawing1 - Visio Professional.png

9. Your workflow will now be in Visio.

Note: Due to compatibility issues, you will have limited ability to edit a workflow from SmartDraw once it has moved into Visio. The combined SmartDraw drawing will be a single object. It is suggested that you use the existing drawing and update your workflows by building them out fresh in Visio.