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Setting Your Preferred Email

Your Preferred Email is your primary contact email for Concordia University. It is through your preferred email that you will receive all of your official correspondence from the university, as well as from your professors and classmates. For students, the email address that you list on your application is the address that will be automatically entered as preferred.

You can add as many different email addresses to your account as you like, but regardless of where you would like to receive your email, you must have at least one listed as Preferred in MyCU. You can switch between your personal email to your Concordia email address (which is recommended) or receive your mail at a personal account...the choice is yours.

Changing your Preferred Email in MyCU

We will go through the steps required to change your preferred email in MyCU. Follow the steps below:

1. Log into MyCU and navigate to Personal Information. In that menu, choose the option to Update Email Addresses.
mycu email 1.PNG

2. Under Email Addresses, you will see your Concordia email, and next to it, the designation Preferred.

3. Below this, you will see "Type of Email to Insert" and a dropdown menu. Choose an email type from the menu and click Submit.
4. Enter your new email information and click Submit.

5.Submitting changes will redirect you back to the Email Addresses list. You should see both emails listed. To change your preferred address, click the current preferred address. You'll be taken to an update page with the option to uncheck the "Make this your Preferred address" option. Uncheck the box and click Submit.

7. Finally, click the address that you want to make preferred. Check the "Make this your Preferred address" box, and submit. You'll now see both addresses in the Email Address list, and the designation Preferred will appear next to your new address.

Please note. Students are responsible for maintaining and updating their preferred email address. Professors are not typically forgiving of students who do not receive their email because they are not checking the correct account, or have the wrong email listed as preferred in MyCU. If you change your information here, you are responsible for monitoring that change!