Users who access Blackboard with Safari may experience issues with PDF files not loading properly in their browser. Although students can get around this bug by using a different browser (such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome), faculty can prevent the problem from the start by setting their class files to open in a new window when selected.

This small change can be applied to all newly uploaded files, but it is equally easy to change the settings on files you've already uploaded, which we will demonstrate here.

First, make sure you are viewing your class in Edit Mode.

Find your file wherever you have it linked, and open the context menu. Select Edit.

Under File Information, look for the option Open in a New Window. Select the radial button next to Yes.

Hit Submit to save; from now on, when this file is selected, it will open in a new browser window. Rather, rinse and repeat for all applicable files.

Reviewed by Chad Smith 7/30/13