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Concordia University offers SPSS for academic use for students and faculty only. In this article, we will show you how to gain access to the software!


Faculty who need access to SPSS for academic purposes should create a support ticket by emailing support@cu-portland.edu to request access.


Students can download SPSS to their personal computers using our online download service Kivuto. Follow the steps below to access and download the most recent version of SPSS. SPSS is also loaded on all lab computers on campus in the event that a student does not have a personal computer.

Downloading the Newest Version

Only do this step if you do not have a current version of SPSS installed on your computer.

If you do not have any version of SPSS installed, follow the steps below:

1. Log into Concordia's Kivuto Web Store using your network username and password (same credentials you use for Blackboard).

2. Select IBM SPSS from the product tab, then click "IBM SPSS Statistics." This page will have the most recent version of SPSS.

3. The "single machine license" will show as free. Please choose Mac or Windows when selecting a platform. Once you have selected your platform, click Add to Cart.

Please Note: While the Kivuto store will show IBM SPSS Statistics Premium, we are only able to offer Statistics Basic. You do not have to do anything different, as the code you receive will be for basic and can be activated using the premium installer.

4.When you are ready to proceed, click Check Out.

5. Finally, you will have your order summary with details about your order (not displayed in image). You will also receive an order receipt via Email. You should make note and save your authorization code and confirmation email.

6. Please select the version applicable to your software (in this case we proceed with 64-bit). The "Fix Packs (1 & 2 )" are for bug fixes and are downloaded later. Not applicable to MAC users.


Click Start Download when you are ready to download the SPSS installer.

7. Windows 10 might display this message, please proceed with the "Install anyway" button as shown.

8. Follow the on screen instructions from the pop up window, select "I accept the terms in the license agreement" the terms and click next. Follow the installer through the next few stages by clicking "next" as shown.


9. The download is now completed, click "Finish" and keep the box check to "Start SPSS Statistics.... now" .



1. Follow the on screen prompts to install the program

2. When asked about the license, select Authorized User and continue to accept the terms of use and begin the installation.

3. Enter the code provided in step 5.
4. A correctly entered code will produce the following result. In the example the unique number has been crossed out to avoid confusion. Click next.

5. Success! The following window will show you: 1. Where the file save location is, 2. When your license expires.


How to Retrieve your code once downloaded:

Follow the steps below to retrieve your activation code or re-download your version.

1. Log into Concordia's Kivuto Web Store using your network username and password (same credentials you use for Blackboard).

2. On the top right click on the arrow next to the User ID to open the drop down. Click Your Account/Orders.

Retrieve 1 .png
3. Click on the SPSS order by checking 1. The title of the download (SPSS) , and 2. View details. Note: Order number is crossed out to avoid confusion as it is unique to your order.

Retrieve 2 .png
4. This will take you to the same screen as in step 5 (in the download instructions above). This will contain your activation code in Red.