Outgoing SPAM

Concordia University E-mail resources are not be used for distribution of mass E-mails, commercial or otherwise. Anyone engaging in such activities may be disciplined pursuant to the faculty, staff, or student handbook discipline guidelines and subject to applicable legal action.

Internal SPAM

The address lists available through the E-mail system are to be used only to locate other university E-mail users and send directed messages to individuals. SPAM E-mail will not be tolerated. Mass E-mails sent to faculty and staff or students, even for academic purposes, are a drain on system resources and are not to be sent without obtaining approval from ITS prior to sending any such messages.

Exception for faculty and staff: The “All” list maintained on the Faculty/Staff E-mail server may be used by faculty/staff without obtaining prior authorization from ITS, however such E-mails should be limited to university related business that has a critical time line and can not be sent through regular weekly bulletins.

Incoming SPAM
Presently, ITS scans all incoming messages to campus through a gateway E-mail filter. All messages are first scanned for known viruses. All messages free from viruses are processed through an Anti-spam filter. All Faculty/Staff messages are rated by spam probability and either delivered immediately or placed in the user's Personal Message Manager. Student E-mail rated as High Probability spam is deleted immediately, while low probability are reviewed and released or used to tune the filter as appropriate.
You may “opt-out” of the anti-spam filtering process by submitting a request to ITS. Simply send an E-mail to support@cu-portland.edu and include your E-mail address and a statement that you wish your E-mail bypass the anti-spam filter.

You may occasionally receive commercial or inappropriate E-mails to your account if you have revealed your E-mail address to third party sources that sell E-mail addresses (such as when you sign up for instant messaging services or other online services such as Gator, Bonzi Buddy, WebShots, Weatherbug, etc…). It is your responsibility to delete inappropriate or unwanted items. ITS make no guarantees nor assumes any responsibility for damages caused by messages or attachments received through university
E-mail resources.

If you are experiencing a problem with threatening or harassing messages through the university E-mail system, please notify ITS by emailing abuse@cu-portland.edu . More details on that policy are located here.

Policy Effective: 7/31/2002

Updated by Steven Quirk 9/23/15