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SMART Technology

Smart Classrooms are technology enhanced classrooms that foster opportunities for teaching and learning by integrating learning technology, such as computers, utilization of hardware and software applications, and audio/visual capabilities. These classrooms are available for faculty and staff for lectures, classes and meetings.

All Smart Classrooms support video projection from a desktop or laptop computer. Conference rooms are supported through the use of projectors and screens, although no computer is provided and the instructor/presenter will be responsible for bringing their own laptop and making sure that the appropriate software is installed. All other rooms have permanently installed equipment, though the components vary from classroom to classroom.

The list of Concordia University classrooms that are equipped with the Smart Classrooms can be accessed with the following link: Classroom Technology Chart. The information provided includes a user guide (PDF), equipment list, and software that is installed on the computers for each classroom.

SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard

The SMART Board™ interactive whiteboard is similar to the Smart Classroom Technology except it offers a touch sensitive display

• The computer sends an image of an application to the projector
• The projector casts the image onto the interactive whiteboard
• The interactive whiteboard acts as both the monitor and input device, letting you control any application by touching the screen
• Anything you can do on your computer, you can do on the interactive whiteboard.

You can use an interactive whiteboard instead of flip charts, whiteboards, overhead projectors and chalkboards:
• Use SMART Notebook software and SMART Classroom tools to create, save and reuse engaging learning materials
• Integrate audio, video and the Internet into your lessons
• Encourage collaboration and interaction

Check out our Technology Training page for video tutorials detailing the use of the Basic Classroom Technology and the Interactive Whiteboards.