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SMART Notebook Software

The SMART Notebook Software installs the drivers required for your computer to utilize the touch input on the SMART Interactive Pen Displays or Interactive White Boards. It also includes annotation software useful for marking up documents and creating presentations. This article will show you how to download and use Concordia's license of the SMART Notebook software.

To learn more about the benefits and features of SMART Technology, check out the SMART Technology KB article.


1. Navigate your web-browser to SMART Tech's Download webpage.

2. Click Download under the "SMART Notebook collaborate learning software" heading.
smart download 1.png
screenshot of the SMART Notebook download screen

3.You will be asked to enter a key to determine what version of the software to download.

Enter Concordia's License Key of NB-AECAI-AAHSI-3254K-GWA2E then hit the purple arrow/
smart download 2.png
screenshot of download eligibility verification screen

Note: we will update this article with the most current key as it changes.

4. Select your computer's operating system, then select Web Installer.
smart download 3.png
screenshot of operating system confirmation box

5. Fill out the registration form with the require information, then click download. You do not have to click the check box to agree to be contacted by SMART.
smart download 4.png
screenshot of user registration page

Once the download is complete, you can follow the step by step instructions on installing the software on your computer.


Installing on Your Computer
1.Follow the on screen instructions to launch the installer.
screenshot of SMART Notebooks software installer

2.Once the installation process has started it will ask where (location on the computer) do you want this software installed? The image below shows it is being installed on the "C" Drive
screenshot of SMART Notebooks software installer

3.You have the option to install any products listed but are required to install the SMART Product Drivers to utilize the SMART Interactivity and touch screen features.
screenshot of SMART Notebooks software installer

4.Click "Install" to complete the process
screenshot of SMART Notebooks software installer

5. You are now ready to launch the Notebook Software. You can initiate this process by going to the "Start" menu in the lower left corner of your computer and click on "All Programs. Then search for the Notebook Software.
screenshot of SMART Notebooks software location in programs on a PC


1. Once you launch the SMART program software for the first time, you will get the "License Status" window. You have a four options:
  • Acquire a license
  • Purchase a license
  • Enter a license <--- select this option
  • Use the Trial Version of the Software
screenshot of SMART Notebooks software activator

Product Key:

2.Check the "I accept the terms in the license agreement," then click "Next"

3.The next window you can click on the "Finish" tab to complete the activation of your product. Your are now ready to use the Notebook 11 Software.