Hagen Center and SEAC Building Hours and Use Policy

The SEAC in Hagen Center will be open for public access during the hours posted by Information Center Staff. All events and public access are limited to the posted hours, which vary seasonally.
In cases where early set-up is required, the following rules apply:
  1. Early setup must be cleared with the Information Center Supervisor or Tech Center Manager at least 30 days prior to the event.
  2. Early setup must start no more than one hour before open building hours.
  3. A Concordia staff member (not a student, student worker, or outside party) must be present at all times to supervise the setup activity.
  4. The Public Safety officer on duty must be notified when early setup begins so he/she can be available to respond to emergencies if needed.
  5. All doors shall remain locked during early setup. Under no circumstances should doors be propped open to allow others in. If required, the responsible group must provide a person to act as a door monitor for this purpose.
  6. All events must end sufficiently early to allow the building to be cleared by closing time.

Violation of this policy may affect the sponsoring groups’ ability to use the SEAC for future events.

Pending administrative approval 3.25.15