The following article is the official procedure to use when reserving room and event spaces at Concordia University. Failure to follow the steps in this article may result in your reservation not being accepted and thus not having access to the space you need.

Outside Group Process

Outside groups looking to use space at Concordia must follow these steps to reserve space. If you don’t have a Concordia email address, follow these steps. If you have a Concordia email click here to proceed to those instructions.

Step 1: Contact Community Room Reservations via e-mail at or by phone at 503-493-6383

Step 2: include your name, phone number, group, room/space requested, date, and time in the message.

Step 3: Your request will be proceeds and coordinated and/or routed to the specific space managers as needed.

Note: until you have received confirmation that your reservation has been processed and the space will be available as requested, the space will not be yours to utilize.

Internal Process

This is the process students and employees of Concordia University must use to reserve rooms. This process uses Outlook to contact our Exchange server to look up room availability to schedule requests.

Video Tutorial

Click below to view a video walkthrough of the process used to reserve rooms in Outlook.

Room Managers

Below is a list of Concordia Staff who manage the various spaces on campus. Please do not reach out to them directly unless to follow up on an existing request. This is simply for reference so you know who you may be in contact with in regards to approving your request should there be any issues.

Please Note: Registrar manages all classroom calendars EXCEPT for the following rooms/spaces:
  • GRW120, GRW 108, Concordia House Conference Room – Office of the President (Brenna Thomas)
  • SEAC – Student Services/Activities – David Sadler
  • AIN43, Ain12 (Foundation) – Automated
  • GYM/Hilken Stadium – Andrew Duvall
  • FAB-William (Bill) Kuhn
  • Hagen lobby-Steve DeKlotz
  • GRW Lobby: Events (Trish Turchiarolo-Vanoni/Sarah Kenney)
  • St. Michael’s Fellowship Hall-Sharon Carlson
  • Campus Green & GRW Portico-Mark Rosenau
  • CRC 153 - Home Land Security