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How to Request a Banner Report

In this article, we will go over how to request a report from Banner. Reports are often requested on a reoccurring basis or for immediate and unique access to specific data. These are run by the Business Intelligence Team. Use the follow procedure for properly requesting a Banner report:

Report Requests

To request a Banner report, email The Business Intelligence Team at This will create a ticket. Please provide the following information in your email:
  • Who do you want included in the report? What data that should be contained in the report? This information will represent the column headers of your report, or the form fields of your document.
  • How do you want the report to look? Let them know the format/file type you would like to receive your data in. This may be an Excel doc, PDF or CVS.
    • An Excel document is the most common way users like to receive data.
    • A PDF is created when users need the data presented in a certain way. For example, if you are creating any outward facing documents the BI team can work with you to create those so you do not need to use Excel and a Word mail merge to create the documents. This option requires more work and will take the BI team longer to complete.
    • A CVS is created when users need data in that format to use with another application.
  • Where does the information in the report come from? If you know, please provide the Banner form names where the data is entered. For example, if you want Hold Codes associated with each student and you know you enter or look up the hold codes in SOAHOLD, then please provide that information.
  • Who is using the report and why do they need it? Let us know which department you work in and provide a brief explanation of how/why you will use the data requested. This will help the BI team understand the best way to create the report.
  • When would you like to receive the report? Please note, typically the BI team needs around 2 weeks to complete a report.
  • If you have received this report in the past, please provide an older version of the report or any other information you may have available.
  • If your request includes data used to contact alumni or donors, your request will be sent to the Foundation Office to be approved and fulfilled.

Because the BI team assumes that all data requested is confidential, access to your report will be limited and we will typically not email it. To submit a request for a report or if you have questions about an existing report please submit a ticket to

Updated by Steven Quirk 10/2/13