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Requesting a Banner Clone

This article will go over the process for requesting a cloned test environment in Banner. This must be done by a member of the Business Intelligence Team. Follow the procedure below to ensure your information is retrieve properly and in a timely manner.

Process for Requesting Clone

To make a request for an updated test environment, send an email to to the Business Intelligence ticket system by emailing

In the body of the email to include the following:
  • Date needed
  • Duration needed and end date
  • Brief description of what is being tested
  • Who will be using the test environment (names, departments, number of people).

Reviewing Cloned Data

To see when the TEST or TRNG environment was last cloned then:
1. Log in to TEST or TRNG and look on the home screen to see when the last clone was done. See the red arrow below.

Updated by Steven Quirk 10/2/13