ITS-I must reprogram your phone to make any configuration changes to it. In order to do this, ITS-I will need the following information in an email to with the subject "Re-program Phone":
  • Which extension you would like to reprogram
  • The name of the User
  • The feature(s) you would like to change, delete or add, in detail
  • Any other information you may feel is pertinent to the configuration change

Also, please be aware that the softkey buttons on the bottom of the screen are context-based, and change as the screen changes. These buttons are not currently programmable.

Additional Resources

You do not need to make a request to add speed dials, or make adjustments to your personal directory. You can learn how to do these things, and many others, by referencing the articles on the Printers and Phones page.

Reviewed by Chad Smith 7/30/13