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Request for Additional Access (Tables and Forms)

Because of an increased number of processes operating on the CUOR (production) database, and an increased number of records being added to the database, database resource management and optimized performance has become an imminent issue. As a result, the System Solutions and Technology team will need to fully understand any new access requests, use of additional forms and processes, and customizations requested in BANNER.

If you are interested in gaining access to a new baseline BANNER form, running a new baseline process, or developing a custom BANNER implementation through CAIS, please provide the following information to or direct our team to your department documentation defining the following:
  • Name of Form/Process being requested
  • Requester Name and Title
  • Name and Title of Department Approver
  • Purpose of the Banner process/Banner form being requested
  • Full functional description of how your department at CUPDX will use the process/form as it relates to your department business process.
The Systems Solutions team hopes this will be a proactive measure towards managing Banner system resources and towards providing more complete support of your department’s use of Banner. Thank you for working together towards these efforts.