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Reconnecting to Outlook

Occasionally, due to server upgrades or maintenance, you may need to reconnect to your Concordia Email account when using Outlook. To learn how, please follow the steps below:

1. Close and reopen your Outlook client. You will be prompted for your credential information the first time you open Outlook.

The prompt will look like the following.
o365 Outlook reconnect 1.png

2. in the "username" box, enter your email address.

3. In the "password box", enter your CU password.

4. Select the checkbox next to "remember my credentials" so you don't have to do this every time you open Outlook.

You may receive the following prompt after entering your credentials. If you do, select OK then close and reopen outlook. This is normal and is acceptable to close and re-open Outlook each time it occurs as it is expected behavior for when our administrators make changes to the server.
o365 Outlook reconnect 2.png

5. Once Outlook has successfully reconnected to the server, you will see ONLINE WITH: MICROSOFT EXCHANGE as a status message in the lower right corner of Outlook.
o365 Outlook reconnect 3.png