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Periodically, you may become disconnected from your H:, I:, J:, and other network drives. (This is a relatively common problem when users take their laptops off campus). This is because CU issued laptops leave campus and connect to assets that are not part of the CU network. Another reason your shares can become disconnected is because when your computer boots, it runs through a series of scripts that connect your computer to the campus network (and thus the network shares). If your login credentials are cached (meaning you have logged into the computer before) it will recognize your profile and load before all of these scripts have finished running.

If for any reason you do not logon while on campus (such as placing your system on standby or hibernate while away and just waking it up when you get here, rather than logging off while away and logging back on when you arrive) will cause your drives to stay disconnected. Follow the steps below to reconnect them.


1. If you are on campus, and are connected via an ethernet cable or the Campus16 wireless network and can't see your network shares, first try logging out of your computer, waiting 30 seconds, then log back in. If that does not work for you, proceed to the next step.

2. Open the Start Menu and look for the search box at the bottom of the Programs List.

In the search box, type \\ntdom.cupdx then click the OK button.

3) From the navigation window that appears, choose the NETLOGON folder icon and double-click it.

4) Double-click the logon.vbs icon from the navigation window. (If you do not have file extensions showing, it will appear as "logon" and will have an icon of a gear or cog.)

This will run the logon script that will reconnect you to your network shares. You should now be able to see your network shares!


If you are having problems reconnecting your network shares, or with any other aspect of technology at CU, please contact the Tech Center via email at support@cu-portland.edu

Updated by Steven Quirk 10/10/13