"Find Me" printing is an aspect of PaperCut that allows users to print their documents to a hold queue from any location, and then physically release the documents when they're ready. The advantages of Find Me printing are many: hold queues will hold documents for up to 2 hours, allowing users ample time to release and retrieve their documents (and preventing wasteful printing at the same time), free up high traffic workstations, and let users self-monitor their printing. PaperCut users can print to Find Me printers from any Concordia workstation or through web printing. In this article we will learn how to use the Find Me queues.

By using a find me printer, you can safe and securely send locked print jobs. Follow the below steps to send and release a secure print job to the find me queues:

Adding a Find Me Printer

1. Connect to FindMe-MFD by selecting it from our print server. For more information on how to access that, click here.
2016-08-30 14_31_09-print.png

The mulit-function scanners in the following locations all have the ability to release print jobs once they have been sent to "FindMe":George
  • George R. White Library
  • Hagen Center
  • Luther
  • Boise Law Library
  • Ainsworth
  • Centennial
  • President's House
  • Gym
  • Navy House
  • Mary Neils Hall

Printing Queued Jobs

Print your document as normal, selecting the \\print\FindMe-MFD as your printer.

2016-08-30 14_35_01-Print.png
You will see the following notice on your screen. This means your document has been sent to the release station.

Releasing Job from Directly from the Copier

After sending your document, the easiest way to print it is directly from the copier using your ID card. If your printer does not have ID Card, you can log in using your network username and password at the "PaperCut" screen on the printer. After you have sent your document, follow the steps below to release it:

1. Locate the card reader and swipe your ID card to log in. The first time you use the copier, you must associate your ID card to it, for instructions on that process click here.
Find Me 1.jpg

2. Once logged, the currently held print jobs will display. Select the print job you would like to release.
Find Me 2.jpg

3. Confirm the printing details and click "print" to complete the process.
Find me 3.jpg

Releasing Job from Dedicated Release Station

If the find me queue you are printing too is not a copier, you will have to use a dedicated release station. The steps below will outline how to release the print job you have sent using the previous method.

1.Proceed to a designated release station. These are located in the Library, next to the circulation desk, and near the computer lab in Hagen. You will first have to log in. Use your regular Concordia network username and password. Users will be automatically logged out of the release station after 30 seconds of inactivity.
release 1.png

2. Once logged in, you will see a list with all of your held print jobs. You will be able to see the time you sent the job, ), which printer, the document name, number of pages, and charge. When ready to print, release your job to the printer by clicking print.
release 2 FIXED 2.png

If you wish, you can cancel queued jobs. Just confirm when asked.
release 3.png

Release print jobs from your mobile device

Users with PaperCut accounts can also use their mobile devices (Android and iOS) to release pre-printed jobs from a Find Me printer queue. To do so, users must go to https://papercut.cu-portland.edu:9192/mr on their device browser. They will be prompted to log in with their network username and password.

Once logged in, users choose the printer they sent their job to originally. Printers will appear in a list by popularity, alphabetical listing, and through search. When a specific printer is selected, any held jobs sent by the logged in user will appear for release or canceling.


If you are having issues printing to a FindMe print queue or have questions, contact the Tech Center at support@cu-portland.edu.