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Policy Statement

All campus printing facilities will be network based and will be supported and maintained by ITS. This practice is necessary to ensure all printing equipment is appropriately maintained and supported and to improve faculty/staff and student accessibility to printing facilities while controlling printing costs and directing print jobs to the most cost-effective output devices whenever practical. All printers must be provided by ITS or have a granted and documented exception from ITS per the qualifying hardware clause.

As of June 1, 2008, new networked digital copiers have been placed around campus. These act as printers as well as copying devices. These copiers and all billing related to them are contained within the restricted Printing & Duplicating fund managed by ITS.

Qualifying Hardware

All direct analog and digital printing devices used from campus computing resources. This does not include duplicating equipment not associated with an additional campus computing resource (such as a stand-alone copy machines). Printing devices directly and individually associated with non-supported or specialty university computing resources may be excluded.

Printer Management

All printers will be inventoried by ITS and cataloged with support status, maintenance records and replacement cycle information. All ITS managed printing resources will be maintained, upgraded and replaced when appropriate.

All consumables will be provisioned under the direction of the Document Services office under ITS. Workgroup printers will have one set of consumables installed and may have an additional toner cartridge located with the printer in case of depletion during non-business hours.

Regular paper will be provisioned through the Document Services department. Users/departments will be responsible for the expense/acquisition of paper not regularly carried by Document Services. Specialty paper can be ordered and supplied provided 24 hours' advanced notice. The user/department requesting the paper will bear the cost of the paper either by paying for order directly or agreeing to an upcharge if print job is processed by the Print Shop.

When a black toner is depleted on a workgroup printer, users may replace it with the standby cartridge and notify support@cu-portland.edu to retrieve the depleted cartridge. Users may also return the depleted cartridge themselves to the Service Center Desk located in Hagen 113 during normal business hours to exchange for a new cartridge.

When a toner is depleted on an individual office printer, the Service Center staff will be notified automatically by the printer and will provide a replacement.

When a color toner or other type of consumable is depleted, the Service Center should be notified. They will replace the depleted consumable as soon as practical.


ITS-I manages a restricted Printing & Duplicating fund outside of the normal ITS-I operating budget and will be responsible for applying the expenses of maintaining, replacing and upgrading managed printing resources. These expenses will be funded through the collection of usage based printing fees to be collected on a regular interval at a rate determined by ITS-I and the CFO.

Determining System Requirements

ITS will be responsible for placing appropriate printing resources in locations most reasonably accessible to users. For users not reasonably proximate to a workgroup level printer, an individual office network printer may be provided by ITS if the utilization or requirements warrant such a device.

Any users who believe their printing needs are not being met should advise the director of ITS specifically of what need is not being met. ITS will work to with the user to help that user locate an appropriate output device for their printing needs. In the case where an appropriate output device is not available or is not reasonably proximate to the user, the Director of ITS may convene a review to determine what additional facilities will best resolve the unmet need.

If a user believes that the outcome of the review does not adequately meet their needs, they may appeal to the CIO who will convene a review with appropriate parties as invited by the CIO to resolve the unmet need.


Any necessary support time spent by ITS or Service Center staff on a system by fault of a non-supported printer will be billed back to the user or department at a rate specified by ITS and the CFO.

Any printers acquired without approval from ITS may be subject to removal and/or an administrative fee.

Appendix A

Updated and Effective 7.1.2016
Printing and Duplicating Usage Rates
Print Shop/Duplicating: for print shop pricing, please view the Print Shop Price Sheet.

Black & White Printing:
  • Ricoh/Konica Copier/Printers $0.07/page*
  • Kyocera Workgroup Printers $0.07/page
  • Kyocera Office Printers $0.08/page
  • Samsung Printers: $0.17/page
  • HP Printers: $0.07/page
  • Lexmark Printers: $0.07/page

Color Printing:
  • Ricoh Copier/Printers $0.18/page*

*The cost to print is the same as the cost to copy on the Multifunction Copier/Printer devices. Large format documents (larger than standard 8.5x11) are billed to us as “2 clicks” per page and thus cost us twice the amount shown above per large format sheet.

Appendix B

Reasonably Proximate’ defined
Due to the geographical constraints of certain campus buildings, office space and budget, it will not always be possible or prudent to locate a network workgroup printer immediately proximate to the users of that device.

A reasonably proximate location is no more than a 30 second normally paced walk from the user’s normal computing workspace and requires passing through no more than one (1) access controlled door.

For buildings such as Centennial Hall, this would make any user located in an office off the same stairwell as an office with a work-group printer ‘reasonably proximate’ to that printer.

Printers with special features such as color, collating or stapling are not presently subject to being reasonably proximate to users. They will be placed in as prudent a location as possible.