Occasional printer malfunction or account issue may qualify some users for reimbursement of some of their allotted semester print credits.

Accepted scenarios for reimbursement:
  1. Printer jammed
  2. Unauthorized jobs printed on account
    • No action will be taken on this until the user has reset their network password
  3. Consistent print quality issues (streaking, blurring, etc)

Unaccepted scenarios:
  1. Repeated failure to log out of your account in the lab (see #2 above)
  2. You printed the wrong document
  3. You accidentally printed your document twice

Receiving Reimbursement

If you qualify for a reimbursement, send an email to support@cu-portland.edu, and include the following:
  • Your name
  • The name of the printer
  • The number of pages printed
  • The approximate time of day the printing occurred.

If you are unsure of any of these details, you can look them up by logging in to https://papercut.cu-portland.edu:9192/user, selecting "Recent Print Jobs" from the sidebar and reviewing the full descriptions there.

If you have used your entire balance before the end of the semester, you can manually add more through pay stations in Hagen Center and the Library. Any money you add yourself will roll over between semesters, and charged only after your gratis $80 balance is used.

Reviewed by Sam Burich on 9 August 2013