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Print Center

Formerly Duplicating. Also referred to as: Print Shop or Duplication.


Document Services operates under the Department of Information Technology Systems and is located in Hagen 115.

Service Detail

Document Services replaces "Duplicating" in providing the same print shop functions, while expanding in quality, volume, and services provided.


Requested materials will be printed Monday through Friday - 8 AM to 7 PM. Any print jobs requested outside of that time frame will be printing the following business day.

Summer Hours

Limited hours are offered during the Summer. Printed materials will be processed Monday - Friday 8 AM to 4 PM. Materials are available for pickup building hours.

Submitting Print Jobs

  • Digital print jobs should be submitted via the Print Shop Digital Store
  • Filling out a "Duplication Form" and dropping off with a copy of the original document in the Document Services Office.

Billing and Cost

Base printing and add-on printing request costs will be reviewed and updating yearly. These prices are subject to approval by the CFO under advisement of the CIO and ITS. While the Print Shop Digital Store will provide you a quote of the prices prior to submitting a print job, you should review them at the link below:

Print Shop Price Sheet

Turnaround Times

  • All basic print requests are subject to a 24 hour turnaround time on business days only.
  • Booklets, high volume printing requests (300+ copies), and custom print jobs require 3-4 days notice turnaround time.
  • Specialty paper can be ordered and provided at a premium based on the stock required. This will add an additional 2 business days to the turnaround time.