If you are using a new mac with OXS 10.7.x Lion, you might run into compatibility issues with older mac versions of programs. If you receive the error "PowerPC applications are no longer supported", here's what that's about:

Apple computers used PowerPC processors from the mid-1990s until 2006, when they were switched to using Intel x86 processors. When Apple made the switch, they included some emulation software called Rosetta which would silently work behind the scenes to let older applications run on newer Macs. However, in Summer 2011, five years after the switch, Apple released OS X 10.7 Lion, which did not include Rosetta. Users who attempted to install or launch a PowerPC application on a computer using Lion are instead greeted with the following error message: "You can't open the application (name of application) because PowerPC applications are no longer supported." Sadly, unless the user has another Mac running 10.6, or is willing to go through the painful and lengthy process of downgrading to 10.6, they will not be able to run that application. Professors who have had students experience this problem have been notified that it is an issue with the software, but it is ultimately up to each individual professor to decide whether they will continue to use it as part of their instruction.

If you have any questions, please contact the Technology Service Center at support@cu-portland.edu.

Reviewed by Sam Burich on 9 August 2013