Power Failure and the Phone System

Power Phone Failures

During a campus-wide power failure, there is a system in place to provide power to the campus phone system for several hours. When that back-up power is exhausted or in the event the campus phone system must be shut down intentionally for maintenance or emergency the Emergency Power Failure Transfer telephone system will be active.

Emergency Power Phone Transfer Telephone System

There are available 4 "Power Failure Transfer" phones on campus. These phones automatically switch to service directly to the phone company during events described above. These 4 phones operating in failure mode will operate as toll service phones and are VERY expense to use (even for local calling). For this reason their use should be limited to emergency calls only. We suggest using cell phones if wireless service is still available.
The 4 Power Failure Transfer Phones are located at:
  • x6518 - Business Office (L200 SE Corner - Also TTY phone)
  • x8535 - Public Safety Office (Hagen - SW office 1st floor)
  • x8619 - ITS Data Center (Hagen - 2nd Floor North)
  • x8686 - Weight Room

Special Answering Instructions

During an event described above while the system is activated, please note that all inbound calls to our main university number (503-288-9371) will ring through to these phones (in the order listed above when a line is busy). Realize that the person calling is likely expecting to reach our switchboard, so be sure to answer courteously and inform the caller that the phone system is down and invite them to please try their call again later.

Updated by B. Metzler 3/5/2018