Wireless Policy

Wireless Access Points, Mobile Hotspots, and Wireless Printers are not permitted on the Concordia University campus.

Due to the limited frequency spectrum available for 802.11 networks (Wifi), the use of any unauthorized routers, mobile hotspots or other devices acting as an access point or adhoc network is strictly prohibited. This includes wifi enabled printers in dorm rooms or campus apartments.

While having your own Wireless Access Point or Hotspot may improve service for you when you are immediately adjacent to it, it acts a source of interference for the pre-installed Concordia University campus wireless network. This degrades the speed, reliability and performance of all other users within your vicinity and is unacceptable.

Network Printing

Concorida ITS provides multiple networked printers on campus that can be used wirelessly. Please use these either from the computer lab or via web printing. To learn more, click here.

Reporting Network Issues

If you are having trouble with wireless services in your residence or elsewhere on campus, please report it to support@cu-portland.edu and include the time, date and specific location where you were experiencing the problem with any relevant details as to the nature of the problem. We will investigate and improve our system coverage and service as we are able to provide a better experience to all users in that location.

Violators of this policy are subject to confiscation of their offending Wireless Access Point or Hotspot device and disciplinary action as provided for in the Student Handbook.

Intentional disruption or interference of wireless signals is an FCC violation and may be punishable by law

Effective 8/19/2003

Reviewed by Steven Quirk 10/23/13