Using the Phone Services button on your Cisco VoIP Phone

The Phone Services button (the button on the right hand side of the phone with the "world" image on it) provides free informational services, provided by Berbee Services, to all users of our phones. To access these services, press the Phone Services button.

Current Services

This is the list of services currently provided on our phones. Some users may have additional services listed, and more service options may be available in the future. To access a particular service, press the indicated number key on your phone. (Some of these services also require using the soft keys located under the phone's screen, or the arrow button, to access information.)

1. Airport Delay Check - Portland International Airport is #28 on this list.
2. Dane County Flight Info - flight info for Dane County, a county in Wisconsin.
3. Area Code Lookup - allows you to lookup what area in the country an area code is associated with.
4. Local Weather - gives you the weather for the zip code you submit.
5. Stock Quotes - gives you the information for the stock symbol you input, using the keys on the phone.
6. CNN Headlines - shows you a list of CNN headlines that you can choose from.
7. BBC - shows you a list of BBC headlines that you can choose from.

Additional Resources

More articles on your Cisco VoIP Phone can be found in the Printers and Phones category. If you have any questions about your Phone Services, or any other aspect of technology at CU, please contact the Tech Center email at

Updated by Steven Quirk 10/21/13