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PaperCut is Concordia's print management system. It ensures accurate billing and reporting of university printing costs, helps users choose printing methods that are cost effective, and allows for better printing access for laptop users. The following is a basic guide to printing from a Windows desktop computer with PaperCut installed.

There are two ways to print using PaperCut: from a web-based client or configured directly on your computer.

Which Client To Use

Not sure which client to use?

Web-printing: this is the preferred and supported method for students and any personal computers. It is quick and only requires a few minutes to set up. Instructions on that can be found at our Web Printing with PaperCut Article.
PaperCut Client: this should only be used for computers on campus or users who require multi-function services when printing. For instructions on how to install and configure PaperCut, continue below.

Installing PaperCut for PC

If you don't see this icon in the system tray, you will need to download and install the client before being able to proceed with printing on Concordia's campus. Follow the steps below to see how:

1. Download the client by typing \\papercutappcluster\PCClient\win\client-local-install.exe in to Windows Search and launching the program. You may be prompted to login, using your Concordia username and password. Remember to preface your username with ntdom\.
papercut install.png

2. Follow the on screen steps to install the program.

3. Once installed, you will be asked for your credentials. Please type in your network username and password as indicated in the screenshot below, then click OK. Make sure you have NTDOM\ before your username.
papercut 2.png

4. Afterwards, the following window will appear on your screen. Once you have that, you are ready to proceed to add a printer!
papercut 3.png

Please note: installing the local client is only supported on Windows desktops and laptops.

Mac Instructions

Looking for insturctions on how to use PaperCut on a Mac? While it is suggested you use Web-Printing, it is possible to print using a Mac. Please review the Printing for Mac Article for steps on how to set that up.

Video Tutorial

View the video below for a guided tutorial on installing PaperCut

Connecting to a Printer

Now that you have PaperCut installed, proceed to the next article to learn about Connecting to a Printer.