About Outlook Contacts

Anytime an email address is entered into Outlook, it saves this address into a temporary location inside the program. The next time you go to type in an email address, Outlook will attempt to fill-in this address based on all of the addresses that have been entered into the address block previously. (This is called "Autocompleting" an email address, and is done alphabetically.)

The problem with this is that this location inside Outlook where these addresses are kept, is in fact temporary. All of these addresses can be lost at any time due to an update to Outlook, an update to Windows, or any other state-change in the computer.
The solution to this is to put these addresses into the "Contacts" folder inside Outlook. That puts these addresses into a permanent storage area that can be included both in the autoarchive function in Outlook and on Concordia's Exchange Email server.

Converting Autocomplete Entries into Contacts

The process for doing this is simple (but can be laborious, depending on how many addresses you need to move.) Here's how:

1. Open a "New Message" window in Outlook.

2. Choose any of the addressable fields in the message, depending on your personal settings (From/To/CC/BCC) and enter the first letter of the address you wish to save in your Contacts folder. This will show all of the addresses that have been entered under that letter.
add contact 1.png
3.Choose the address from this list that you would like to save in your Contacts and insert it into the field chosen in 2) above.

4. Once this address has been chosen, and is in the From, To, CC, or BCC field, right click it. This will bring up a context menu.

5. From this context menu, choose "Add to Outlook Contacts" option. This will bring up the Contact Information page for this (now new) contact. Add any additional information to the page you need to, and save the page.You now have this entered as a new contact!
add contact 2.png


If you have any questions or concerns about transferring your temporary addresses into your Outlook Contacts, or any other issues regarding technology at CU, please contact the Tech Center at support@cu-portland.edu

Updated by Steven Quirk 10/16/13