Concordia OneDrive Services

Concordia University Portland has made a significant investment in the Microsoft 365 for Education services platform. One of the services offered by this platform is cloud-based storage for all of our licensed users called OneDrive. The Microsoft OneDrive services replace the on-site home drive (H: drive) offering previously made available to all Students and Employees.

Advantages of OneDrive

OneDrive is cloud-based storage and is easily accessible from a variety of computer operating system and from mobile devices using the Web Based OneDrive access or by using OneDrive clients designed for those operating systems or devices. The Concordia "Work or School" OneDrive account for your login provides up to one (1) Terabyte (TB) of cloud storage. It also offers the ability to use this storage for sharing files with other people both inside and external to the university and for linking files into other M365 services such as Teams and Sharepoint.

Here are links to helpful resources you can use to access your OneDrive accounts using the Web or OneDrive clients:

Concordia OneDrive client installation on Windows:

Concordia OneDrive Usage Guide:

Microsoft OneDrive for Android

Microsoft OneDrive for IOS (Apple)

One E-mail address - Two Accounts

A frequent point of confusion worth taking note: Your Concordia E-mail address MAY represent two Microsoft accounts: "Personal" or "Work or School". For the purposes of any Concordia support and documentation, we are always referring to your "Work or School" which is provisioned and managed by the Concordia IT department and uses the same password as your other Concordia Network/Active Directory based services.

Concordia University Portland has no insight into and cannot provide support for the "Personal" account which you may have created using your Concordia E-mail address.

If you are presented with the option to log into your "Personal" vs your "Work or School", please always choose "Work or School" for Concordia supported services.

Concordia Employees are not to use the "Personal" login services for any university related business data or communications.

Home (H:) Drive Service Deprecation

Effective August 15th, 2018, the Concordia ITS department will no longer provision on-network home drives (H: drives) for users. The Microsoft 365 OneDrive services offer significantly improved speed, accessibility and storage space over the previous Home drive offering and can be easily utilized from the web or through most computer operating systems and mobile devices. Users with Home (H:) drives provisioned prior to this date should migrate any content from their home drive to their OneDrive no later than January 1st, 2019.