OneDrive Usage Guide:

OneDrive lets you have the ability to access your cloud-based documents from any location that has internet access.In addition, you can save local copies
of your documents in case you will be offline for a while. If you have not downloaded OneDrive yet, please see our OneDrive Installation Guide.

Signing into Office 365 to use OneDrive:

To use OneDrive with your Microsoft Office suite, you must specifically sign into the program with your CU account. Here are the steps:

1. Open up Microsoft Word. In the upper right, please click Sign In:


2. Enter your CU Email Address, then hit Next. If you are a student, use as your email address formula. Enter your password and hit Sign in.


3. Congratulations! You will see your name in the upper right, and full OneDrive/Office 365 functionality will be available.

Saving a document to your local OneDrive folder:

1. Please make sure that you have OneDrive downloaded, and that you are signed in to both OneDrive and Office 365.

2. Open the file you wish to save, and go to Save As. Choose OneDrive - as the location:


3. Name your file, and hit Save.

4. Success! Your file is now saved onto your OneDrive.


Differentiating Documents Saved Locally and on the Cloud

OneDrive has the ability to store documents locally on your PC and in the cloud, or just in the cloud. You have the ability to pick and choose which documents you want where, in order to save space on your machine. Here is a general overview on the process:


When you are first uploading documents from your machine, most of your documents will display the green checkmark. Some may be online only, or set to always sync down the latest version. In addition, there is also a Sync symbol that shows you when your documents are syncing. Here is an example that contains all 4 options:


As you can see, most of the documents are cached locally, one has been set to always be cached on my machine, and 2 are currently syncing. Now I'm going to set the admissions backups folder to be only on the cloud by removing my local cached version:

1. First open the folder and right-click on the folder you want to make cloud only. The section in red is the OneDrive specific options.


2. Currently the "Always keep on this device" option is selected. To remove the local cached folder/file, but keep it on the cloud, choose the option "Free up space".

3. Once you have chosen "Free up space", the folder/file will display the cloud icon.

If you would like to set a document to always be cached, please follow the above and choose the option "Always keep on this device". If you would like to remove a document from your OneDrive completely, just delete it as normal.

If you need to move documents to your OneDrive from a different folder location, such as a network drive, please cut and paste them into the OneDrive. Once you have navigated to the old folder, please use these keyboard shortcuts/commands:

1. Ctrl + A : Select all

2. Ctrl + X : Cut (all files and folders should look a bit transparent)

3. Navigate to your local OneDrive.

4. Ctrl + V : Paste

If you have any questions about OneDrive usage, please contact the Tech Center at .