OneDrive Overview:

Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud-based data storage program that you can use on any computer. OneDrive can be accessed using the local OneDrive program or via the web. If you need to recover your Office 365 login information, please see our Office 365 article.

This article will demonstrate how to install OneDrive and sign in for the first time. For general OneDrive usage, please see our OneDrive Usage guide.

Please make sure you are not signed into your local Office suite before installing OneDrive.

How to install the local client of OneDrive:

1. Login to Office 365

2. Click on the OneDrive tile.


3. This will open up OneDrive. Here you will see your files, and any folders you have created. To install the local OneDrive client, please click "Get the OneDrive apps" in the bottom left.


4. This will open a new screen. Microsoft may try to convince you that you have OneDrive already installed. Ignore that message, and choose the option "Need to reinstall? Click here to download".

5. You will be taken to a new screen with the OneDrive setup file downloading. In Chrome, it will be in the bottom left. In Firefox, it shows up as a pop up window. In Edge or Internet Explorer, it will be in the bottom center. Please run the file once it has finished downloading. If it does not start after 2 minutes, please run the installer again.


6. Once you run the installer, it will say that it is not a verified app from the app store. Please choose "Install anyway".


7. Once the install starts, you will see this screen. The installation takes about 5-10 minutes.

8. Once the installation finishes, you will receive no real visual cues that it has successfully installed. The quickest way to tell is by the dark gray cloud icon that will now be in your task bar, or by searching the icon on your computer.


Signing into OneDrive

Now that you have installed OneDrive, you will have to sign in to access your data. Here are the steps:

1. Open the OneDrive Program on your computer. You can do this via two methods:

2a. Open the Start Menu, and search OneDrive. Please run the OneDrive program, not the setup file or OneDrive for Business.

2b. Click the gray cloud in your taskbar (marked in red), then click "Sign in" (marked in green).


3. After pursuing your preferred option above, you will be brought to the main sign-in page. Please enter your CU email address into the field and click "Sign in".


3a. If it asks whether this is a Personal or Work/School account, please choose "Work or School".

4. This will bring you to a password entry screen. Please enter your CU email password and click "Sign in".


5. You are now signed into OneDrive, but there are a few sundry tasks left to take care of. For the folder location, you can use the default. Please click "Next" on this screen.

6. After choosing the location, you will begin the quick Microsoft tutorial for OneDrive. Please review the options on each page, and scroll to the next by hitting the bottom right arrow.

7. This screen is the last thing standing between you and accessing your OneDrive folder. Click "Open my OneDrive folder" and enjoy!

OneDrive Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Once I have signed into OneDrive on my computer, will I have to sign in again when I restart?
A: Nope! The only times you would have to sign in again are if you changed your password or if you had previously signed out of OneDrive on that machine.

Q: OneDrive seems great! How do I actually use it though?
A: Please see our handy guide on OneDrive General Usage.

Q: Is my OneDrive a Personal or Work/Business account?
A: Your OneDrive is a Work/Business account.