Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a secure authentication method that prevents malicious access to an account by using multiple methods of authentication combined. For Office 365, this is most commonly using your email/password and your phone. Once you have been enrolled in MFA, you will have multiple methods available to you. However, our guide provides the most time efficient method of MFA. For this process, you will need your smart phone and your computer handy, since you will be switching between the two.

MFA enrollment is opt-in for most users. If you would like to enroll in MFA, please contact .


1. Navigate to .

2. Login with your CU email address.

3. You will receive the following message; hit Next.

4. The next screen will list all the options you have for MFA. You will want to choose "Mobile app" from the first drop-down menu.

5. Using the Mobile app, there are two methods of authentication. Please choose "Receive notifications for verification".

6. Hit "Set up" in order to configure your app. This will bring up a QR code to your screen. Please leave the QR code on screen and grab your phone.


1. Navigate to the App Store or Play Store, and search for "Microsoft Authenticator". Please install that app and open it when installed.

2. This will open a brief overview of the Authenticator app. Please flick through to display the next screen. Click the + button in the center of the screen to add your account.

3. Please choose "Work or School" account. YOU MUST HIT "ALLOW" FOR THE APP TO FUNCTION PROPERLY.

4. This will open a camera interface inside of the Authenticator app. Please point it at the QR code on your screen. The app should automatically configure and start display a 6 digit code that changes every 30 seconds. Please put your phone down with the app open, and go back to the computer.


1. On the QR code screen, hit "Next".

2. This will bring you back to the MFA setup screen. Hit "Next" in the bottom right. Grab your phone.

3. This will prompt you on your phone to Approve or Deny your sign-in attempt. Please hit Approve. This is also the notification that will appear for future sign-in attempts.

4. Put your phone down and go back to your computer. On the next screen, you can setup your phone number as an alternate method, in case you uninstall the app or get a new smart phone.

5. Lastly, you will be introduced to your App Password. This is a unique password that you can use for logging into your account on devices that do not support MFA. Your app password is generated automatically by the system and CAN ONLY BE VIEWED ONCE. You can create additional App Passwords if necessary through the Office 365 portal.

That's all there is to it! Whenever you sign in to Outlook or the Office 365 portal, you will be prompted to approve the Sign-in. In addition, you will only have to approve a sign-in on your Outlook program once every 7 days. If you have any questions, please contact us at .